Log it or Lose it :

Record your property in a manner that will help the police return the item to its rightful owner if recovered. Police recover thousands of items yearly that are auctioned because the theft was never reported or the owners did not have a record of their property. Help the VPD change this by recording all of your property information. Download the app or print out the form.


Staying late on campus

Students, faculty and staff staying late on campus and would rather not walk to their destination alone are encouraged to use AMS Safewalk. Two volunteers will escort you to your location. All requests after 2:00am are taken on by Campus Security. Call (604) 822-5355 for a Safewalk.

The community shuttles are also a convenient way to get around campus if you don't feel like walking to your destination. 

The N17 is the only night bus, and departs from 2:09am until 3:56am. 

 Get Alerts for N17  Community Shuttle Route

Report an Incident
Call Us 604-822-2222