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Campus Security Get a New Set of Wheels

UBC’s Vancouver Campus is a big place, and the Campus Security team monitor all areas of it on a 24 hour basis. With tens of thousands of people walking around campus each day, pedestrians are quite rightly the primary focus for campus planning, and navigating around the system of roads via car can often take longer than you might think.

So to help team members provide an efficient service around campus, Campus Security has invested in a brand new Gem e2 electric vehicle. The customized two person vehicle is road legal and is safe to travel along pedestrianized routes, meaning members of the security team can travel anywhere on campus in a flash. It is fully electric, so has zero emissions and costs a fraction of the price to run when compared to a traditional gas vehicle.

“The new vehicle is great!” says Ali Mojdehi, Acting Director, Campus Security “It helps us to provide a fast and efficient service to the campus community while minimizing our environmental footprint. We were able to choose features on the vehicle, like the flashing light on the top and the custom paint job, so it meets our needs perfectly.”

The Gem e2 is now fully operational on the Vancouver campus, so keep an eye out for the Campus Security team driving around in it while on their patrols.


Campus Security's new electric vehicle


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