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Jun 18th, 2020

We at Safety & Risk Services and in the VPFO portfolio want to ensure we create a sense of safety, trust and security among all campus users. We can only achieve this when we recognize and address racism and unconscious bias at an individual and institutional level.

Jun 1st, 2020

Campus Security had a shock recently when an unusual visitor arrived in one of the dining areas on campus.

A female bald eagle flew through a window pane at the Sage Restaurant, becoming stuck in a metal grate on the salad bar. The incident was reported by a worker in the area who was alerted by the loud noise.

May 29th, 2020

The BC RCMP’s Major Crime Unit is warning the public of a potential resurgence in virtual kidnapping activity following an incident involving a Chinese National studying at the University of British Columbia.

On May 27, 2020, University RCMP responded to a report from the student’s roommate who called police on behalf of the victim’s family in China after suspects attempted to extort money from them. Like other virtual kidnapping incidents, the suspects, posing as Chinese police officers, demanded cash from the victim’s family for the safe return of their family member.

Mar 25th, 2020
In light of COVID-19, heightened security procedures and processes are in place to enhance the well-being and protect the safety of students, faculty, and staff on the UBC Vancouver campus. Please have your UBC ID, or equivalent, on display or ready to show when accessing campus buildings.
Mar 20th, 2020

During the current outbreak of COVID-19 the VPFO portfolio is working to ensure the safety and security of our team members and the university community as a whole, which as always is our top priority. We are responsible for providing some of the crucial services that keep campus running, and we are doing our utmost to ensure these services are maintained while protecting those that directly operate them.

Mar 4th, 2020

UBC’s Vancouver Campus is a big place, and the Campus Security team monitor all areas of it on a 24 hour basis. With tens of thousands of people walking around campus each day, pedestrians are quite rightly the primary focus for campus planning, and navigating around the system of roads via car can often take longer than you might think.

Feb 28th, 2020

On Pink Shirt Day teams from across the Vice-President Finance & Operations Portfolio (VPFO) came together to celebrate diversity and inclusion on Pink Shirt Day, and Campus Security were no different. Team members showed their support for the Canada-wide celebration of respect, diversity and inclusion by donning custom pink shoulder epaulettes on top of their uniforms.

Feb 10th, 2020

This year, Pink Shirt Day is February 26 and the VPFO will be celebrating diversity and inclusion in our portfolio with cake and coffee events for our entire team.

The main event will take place between 9:00 am and 10:00 am, with several smaller celebrations taking place across the VPFO to allow those who cannot attend due to operational requirements or who work outside core office hours to show their support as well. Please speak with your supervisor about local celebrations.

Oct 22nd, 2019

The UBC RCMP Detachment are informing the public that two youth have been arrested in connection to the carjacking of a UBC student in September 2019.

(see previous release)

This investigation spanned several police jurisdictions throughout the lower mainland and ultimately resulted in two arrests being made. The suspects were located driving the stolen vehicle in North Vancouver, based on a witness call to the police.

Oct 15th, 2019

The VPFO is pleased to announce that Rae Ann Aldridge has been appointed as UBC’s new Executive Director, Safety & Risk Services effective January 6, 2020.

In her new role, Rae Ann will be charged with working across campus to enhance UBC’s safety and security. She will be responsible for leading Safety & Risk Services, a new department which is the result of a merger between Risk Management Services and Campus Security.

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