Log it or Lose it :

Record your property in a manner that will help the police return the item to its rightful owner if recovered. Police recover thousands of items yearly that are auctioned because the theft was never reported or the owners did not have a record of their property. Help the VPD change this by recording all of your property information. Download the app or print out the form.


Services Site Security Assessment

Risk Assessments & Security Audits

Campus Security has licenced security consultants. A Risk Assessment is an evaluation of an existing building or area to identify risks and provide options for an enhanced risk management profile.  The process includes a review of the facility’s assets, consultation with users, analysis of incident history for the location and an assessment of the physical environment and its security provisions. A report is produced to assist users accomplish their security goals.

The report provides recommendations which may incorporate operational security policy, physical or electronic access control measures, electronic alarms and surveillance systems. On-site security staff or scheduled patrols may be recommended to reinforce security in extremely sensitive areas.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

CPTED is most effectively used at the planning stage in the life of a building, space or community area. Incorporating CPTED at the  design phase helps to reduce opportunities for crime, incivilities and fear of crime. CPTED can also be introduced to improve the livability and safety of currently built environments.

Campus Security has certified CPTED practitioners to provide the campus community with this service.

For more information please contact Ali Mojdehi.

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