Log it or Lose it :

Record your property in a manner that will help the police return the item to its rightful owner if recovered. Police recover thousands of items yearly that are auctioned because the theft was never reported or the owners did not have a record of their property. Help the VPD change this by recording all of your property information. Download the app or print out the form.


Services Safewalk

Safewalk is a free service provided by the AMS and is dedicated to your safety on campus. Safewalk will send a co-ed pair of walkers to accompany you to any location on campus. Safewalk works closely with Campus Security and the RCMP to keep your safety a number one priority. Look for the red Safewalk jackets on campus!

For a walk:

  • Call 604.822.5355
  • Use a UBC Blue Phone and ask for Safewalk
  • Approach any Safewalk Team
  • Drop by the SafeWalk office on the main floor of the SUB across from the Gallery Lounge

Leaving campus after 2am? Campus Security can accompany you across campus. Call 604.822.2222 for assistance.

Report an Incident
Call Us 604-822-2222